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Have a question about how to find a meeting? Please click the plus sign below to browse the FAQ section for the most common questions and answers.

Meeting List FAQs

How can I find a meeting in a specific city of Northern Colorado?
Click on the “Everywhere” location drop-down menu below and select the city of your choice.

How can I find a specific meeting on Sunday or Tuesday?
Click on the day drop-down menu below and select the weekday of your choice.

Can I see the meetings for a specific time, day, and city?
Yes, choose from each drop-down menu below to view.

How can I find a beginners, Big Book, women’s, men’s, or LGBT meeting?
Click on the Type drop-down menu below-right and select the type of your choice.

How can I find just ONLINE meetings?
Use the 'Everywhere' drop-down menu and instead of choosing a city/town, select 'Online' to show all online meetings. 

How can I find HYBRID meetings?
Hybrid meetings are meetings that can be attended in-person and online at the same time.  They can easily be found as the gold listings in the calendar by clicking here to visit the calendar page.

Where can I find a printable meeting list?
You can download a printable meeting list here by using the green download button at the bottom of any page. 

Is there a calendar view?
Yes, there is a link in the top menu bar but you can also click here.

Is there a map view?
Yes, click on the map button below on the far-right.

How can I see just the online Zoom meetings?
Click on the Type drop-down menu below-right and select “Online Meeting.” Online meetings will display “Online Meeting” in green.

Why do some online meetings have an address/map?
This is a limitation of the software used to create the list. If a meeting is online-only there will be a note stating that the meeting is closed to in-person at this time. 

You can also SEARCH for a particular meeting below on the far-left.

What's the difference between a 'closed' and 'open' meeting?
Open meetings are open to everyone. Closed meetings are for people who have the desire to stop drinking only.




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