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Service Opportunities


Service provides opportunities to practice the principles of the 12 steps, stay sober, and give what was so freely given to you to the next alcoholic.

NCIG Central Office Service Opportunities


Volunteer your time at Central Office. You will answer phones, give out information, but not phone numbers, speak with alcoholics and/or families/ friends/ businesses, set up 12th step calls, etc. Be able to do some essential office work when we open again full time (filing, folding, stapling, copying, handling money, selling books, literature, gifts, etc. These are regular shifts, done once a week in 2-hour shifts. During the day the shifts are either on the phone, in the office, or both.


We are sometimes in need of Night Watch substitute volunteers to answer the phones for those who need help. All you need is a phone and NCIG A.A. calls will be forwarded to your phone for the shift. If you or anyone you know (like a sponsee) would like to be a substitute for any night or weekend shift, please let us know. Or, fill out our brief application.


We need folks for the following Central Office Watch shifts:

Answer phones, give out information, speak with alcoholics needing help, etc. Day shifts are in the office for 2 hours. We also have night and weekend shifts for the phones. You or your group can volunteer.

  • Phone: 1st Saturday 8 AM – 8 PM
  • Phone: 5th Saturday 8 PM – 8 AM

We have a waitlist for other office shifts. Click the blue button link above.

Other Volunteer Needs:​

Be on the Day and/or Night Watch Substitute List
And/Or, be on the 12th Step Call List!

Training will be provided. We are always looking for sober individuals to be on our watch volunteer substitutes and 12th Step call list. Substitutes fill in for a shift if needed and if you are available. 12th Step callers do service by speaking further with a newcomer or returnee in their area/location. Apply below.

If you or anyone you know (like a sponsee smile ) would like to be a substitute for any shift, please let us know. Or, fill out our brief volunteer form by clicking on the button above.

Also, you could be an Intergroup Rep (IGR) for your homegroup. Intergroup as a whole overlooks and supports the Central Office. Meetings are at Central Office and on Zoom on the third Monday of the month at 6 PM. See the IGR packet.